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Scare-Izona book

Tour 16 of the most haunted locations Arizona has to offer. Make friends with the ghost girl who watches over visitors at the Bisbee Inn. Meet average people who stay at the Oliver House, but then astral project along the quiet-night streets. Hear voices and footsteps of ghosts who prowl the Noftsger Hill Inn. The destinations in this book have impressive paranormal activity that are likely to give you your own spooky stories to tell, if not scare the pants off you!

Tucson's Most Haunted book
Tucson's Most Haunted

Tucson is one haunted town. From furniture stores and ice cream shops, to an entire community buried beneath a downtown neighborhood, ghosts are everywhere. Who is the ghostly Victorian Lady that glides down the staircase at Z Mansion in historic downtown Tucson? What happened when a rock-throwing ghost suddenly appeared at Fort Lowell over 100 years ago? What became of all the bodies buried in the Court Street Cemetery? Who is responsible for the phantom voices at Old Tucson? Find out, as Tucson's top paranormal investigators give you a peek into the lives of the ghosts who exist alongside Tucsonans, right here in the Old Pueblo!

Finding Ghosts in Phoenix book
Paranormal Pandemic book
Finding Ghosts in
Paranormal Pandemic

How, exactly, do you find a ghost in a city the size of Phoenix? It's like finding a needle in a haystack, right? Not if you visit some of the haunted hot spots mentioned here! What's the story behind the lady in white roaming the halls of the Hotel San Carlos? Is there a mysterious occupant casting a ghostly glare upon visitors of the Territorial Prison or at the Arizona Museum of Natural History? Where, in Arizona's capitol, can you knock back a few pints with the ghostly guests of a popular English pub? Learn the answers as you strike out on your own (as a paranormal investigator) in the Valley of the Sun.

From "reality" television to big-ticket group ghost hunting events, this no-nonsense guide provides you with the knowledge you'll need to cut through the bullshit that is creeping into even the darkest corners of small-town America. Authors Katie Mullaly and J. Patrick Ohlde give you the straight talk on all of the attention-hungry para-celebrities, frauds, fakes, and other paranormal predators ready to leech your savings account dry. Learn how to separate the true research from the crap by using a heaping helping of common sense and you can avoid contracting the nastiest thing going around: the paranormal pandemic

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